East Tennessee Field Diamonds – In a partnership with Martin Kohl of the Tennessee State Geological Survey, we are examining fluid and solid inclusions in doubly terminated quartz crystals found in areas of east Tennessee. Insight gained from this work will help in understanding fluid (water, petroleum) migration in the crustal foreland of the Alleghanian orogeny.

Petroleum bearing fluid inclusions fluoresce under UV illumination. Some contain solid bitumen (solid chunky stuff). These fluid inclusions are particularly large, notice the scale bar is 100 micrometers.

Fluid Inclusion Calculation Applications – A variety of programs exist for interpretation of measurements made on fluid inclusions. However, many are written in defunct programming languages, or are written to calculate very specific fluid composition systems. Along with collaborators, I am working to create community developed, freely available, online calculation software that is as future proof as possible.

A trial shiny app built in R-studio is available here.